Spring Cleaning Tips


It’s that time of year again.  The holidays are over, the kids are out for Spring Break, and summer is just around the corner.  Many people take this time to declutter their homes in anticipation of relaxing summer days, but it can seem like a daunting task.  Here are several tips for maximizing your spring-cleaning efforts to make your home spring and summer ready.

Pack away winter gear

With chilly winter days gone, it’s time to pack away the winter-only wear to make space for warmer-temperature clothes.  Heavy coats, boots, and the like can be stored out of sight to eliminate clutter.  Consider using plastic bins, one for each family member, to store winter gear in the attic or an unused closet.  Remember to label each box with the person’s name for easy access should an unexpected need arise to quickly and easily retrieve the items.

Clean out closets and drawers

It’s time to make way for spring clothes!  Go through last year’s attire and see what no longer fits, is worn out or outdated, and get rid of it.  Consider reselling items still in good condition, or donate to a worthy charity (www.give.org provides charity reviews).  This will eliminate clutter so you can see and enjoy what you do have.

Give your home a top-to-bottom scrubbing

This is the time to tackle those deep-cleaning tasks that will give your home a fresh, clean feel.  Clean baseboards, dust ceiling fans, wipe scuff marks off of walls, and wash all bed linens (including comforters/duvets, mattress pads, etc.).  Breaking it down to one task per day will make it seem more manageable.

Refresh small décor items

For an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a quick facelift, change out throw pillows, blankets, table linens, towels, and other decorative items.  While it will make your home feel new to you, it’s also a good chance to inject fresh colors to create a spring mood.

Bring the outdoors in

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers!  Whether it’s a potted plant or fresh-cut flowers, adding even a small bouquet will instantly brighten a room.

Who’s ready to get started?

Neil Bubel