Backyard Paradise


Summer is upon us once again!  School is almost in recess, this weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, and our Texas summer is officially in full swing.  Now is a great time to assess the use and look of your exterior spaces.

While keeping the interior of your home updated is very essential, the exterior is an equally important part for maintaining value and desirability as well.  What improvements might enhance the overall function and curb appeal of your property?  These questions will help you evaluate your space:

·      Does your home have enough shaded area for family and guests to gather comfortably?  Do you have natural or mechanical ventilation to keep you cool and relaxed?  We all know that the Texas heat is unforgiving, so adding a covered or cooled area will increase your comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors.

·      How about cooking facilities?  A grilling area that’s safe yet protected with enough countertop area for all those burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and grilled chicken?  Do you need other appliances such as refrigeration, beer and wine cooler, storage, etc.?

·      What about seating and eating space?

·      If you have a pool does it need to be updated?  Is it integrated well with your house via decks, walkways or architectural elements like an arbor or gazebo?  If you don’t have a pool or the space for one, how about a spa?  Is there convenient access to a bathroom?

·      And then there’s landscaping – is yours tired and outdated?  Does it enrich your home or look like an afterthought?

·      Is the property well lit at night?  There is nothing more picturesque and even dramatic than a well-designed landscape lighting scheme that also provides additional security.

·      Finally, the front of your home – could it benefit from a color adjustment, materials change, or even an architectural transformation?

As you kick back and enjoy the summertime, take a brief moment and ponder the outdoor improvement possibilities that could make your home more valuable, attractive, and above all, enjoyable.  Traver Construction can help you create that vision and make it a reality.  

Neil Bubel